Deep-sky objects

  • Asterisms: 790
  • Dark nebulae: 71
  • Double stars: 9817
  • Globular clusters: 174
  • Galactic nebulae: 421
  • Galaxies: 118,115
  • Clusters of Galaxies: 188
  • Open clusters: 1759
  • Planetary nebulae: 987
  • Quasars: 36
  • Star clouds: 42

Among other sources, we use revised lists by Wolfgang Steinicke (NGC/IC) and Ronald Stoyan (Galactic nebulae)

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database with 8726 images (sources: Digitized Sky Survey, Astronomischer Arbeitskreis Salzkammergut)

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Steve Gottlieb's observing notes on 7182 objects

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