Deep-sky objects

Object filter

Use the object filter to find suitable candidates for observing in the twinkling of an eye

Quickly search for objects by:

  • object type(s)
  • constellation(s)
  • size
  • existing observations
  • catalog names
  • telescope
  • limiting stellar magnitude
  • perceptibility (Contrast Above Threshold)
  • time
  • location

Export of Filter Results:

  • printouts from E&T
  • insert into MS Excel via the clipboard
  • export as QuickCatalog for Skymap Pro
  • export as private object list for Guide 8
  • export for Astromist 2.5 (Palm OS, Windows Mobile)
  • export to XML and user-defined formats (e.g. HTML)

insert the filter result (complete or as you selected) into an observing project, an observing plan or a Star map

find object information, perceptibility opportunities, visibility, notes, log files, images, and get a star map with only two mouse clicks

Observing Projects

Observing Plan

star map


Support of Planetarium Programs

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