Deep-sky objects

Object filter

Observing Projects

Observing Plan

create a list of observable objects for one night and find the best times and order for observation

show object data and nearby objects

simulate the perception influenced by telescope, eyepiece, and limiting stellar magnitude (contrast above threshold)

display of magnification, exit pupil and true field of view

optional: consider the extinction in three steps

automatic proposal of the best time for observation

show visibility of the object during the course of the year

show the next observation opportunity at night and without the Moon

export objects from your plan:

  • insert into MS Excel via the clipboard
  • export as QuickCatalog for Skymap Pro
  • export as private object list for Guide 8
  • export for Astromist 2.5 (Palm OS, Windows Mobile)
  • export to XML and user-defined formats
  • export to HTML (available information: all object data, object notes, images, neighborhood objects, information on perception including recommended eyepiece and simulated view)

add the objects of your plan (completely or as you selected) into an observing project or a star map

control a telescope via ASCOM with only two mouse clicks

calculate the shortest slewing path between several objects

calculate the best viewing sequence by time

show images and star maps with only one mouse click

add a logbook entry with only one mouse click

Star map


Support of Planetarium Programs

other features