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Star map

shows stars, deep-sky objects, and - optionally - the telescope position. Clear labelling, easy handling (almost completely possible with a mouse or trackball) and qualified (intelligent) object selection lead you comfortably to the objects you have planned or those which are visible in your telescope

realistic display of stellar magnitudes with optional, clear legend

automatic adaption of limiting magnitude during zoom (configurable)

shows field of view of star pointers, finderscopes, and eyepieces

quick and easy rotating and mirroring of the map to match the view in your eyepiece

depiction of the objects according to their perceptibility (Contrast Above Threshold)

use drag & drop or the clipboard to add objects from every E&T planning document

automatically add objects to the map taking perceptibility into account

automatic update of the map after slewing the telescope by paying attention to perceptibility

objects already observed are marked in the map

find object information, chances of perceptibility, visibility, notes, log files, and images with only two mouse clicks

slew to an object or any position directly from the map via ASCOM

print high-quality star maps (optional: three panel map with sections for eye, finderscope, and telescope)

full-screen mode

night-mode with two levels of brightness

unique batch printing with optimized layout. You can print finder maps for several objects without selecting the region.

export the charted objects:

  • export as QuickCatalog for Skymap Pro
  • export as private object list for Guide 8
  • export for Astromist 2.5 (Palm OS, Windows Mobile)
  • export to XML and user-defined formats (e.g. HTML)

export the maps as bitmap (BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIF) or as editable metafile (EMF, WMF with Aldus-header)


Support of Planetarium Programs

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