Deep-sky objects

Object filter

Observing Projects

Observing Plan

Star map


easily document your observations. You can share your observations in a standardized format or import the notes of other observers. Your own observations are clearly distinguishable from imported ones.

practice-proven structure for expressive descriptions with minimal typing effort

link images or other files with observations

optional session information with notes about weather and equipment

automatic linking of sessions and observations

displays all observations from a session

displays session data from an observation

sortable overview of your own and imported observations

logbook filter to search through your observations with many options:

  • observer
  • object name
  • object type(s)
  • constellations
  • site
  • telescope
  • eyepiece
  • filters
  • Barlow lens or reducer
  • time span
  • limiting stellar magnitude (less than, equal, larger than)
  • rating of the observation
  • key words in description or notes

export of the logbook as HTML, XML, or user-defined formats

import of observations in XML-format

find object information, visibility chances, perceptibility (Contrast Above Threshold), notes, images, and star maps with only two mouse clicks

Support of Planetarium Programs

other features